Ecologically Sustainable Growth

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) released findings from two-year project: the Australian National Outlook report. The report “integrated a model of the economy with no less than eight models of different aspects of the global and domestic natural environment in which the economy exists,” as reported by in his article Economic growth doesn’t need to cost the world. The article covers findings on the 18 scenarios with variables, that include global population and economic development in Australia, and impact on ecological concerns, such as greenhouse gas emissions and water stress.

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Economic Growth and Planetary Boundaries

Analysis of the nine boundaries critical to human existence and how macroeconomics recognition is integral. Author discusses ‘ruthless’ growth, ‘futureless’ growth, and transition steps pre-2050.

Time to Stop Worshipping Economic Growth

by Brent Blackwelder PhD and President Emeritus of Friends of the Earth U.S.

Ecosystem Services: This is the ‘Future’ – Now

There are a lot of ways I feel muddled between going mathematical and accounting actual value when organizing and planning.  More often than not a person becomes a number, a feeling has a rank, and I disassociate emotions from decisions because I find it too draining otherwise.

In this case, the article I will discuss in a moment, and more often than before I am finding a bridge between the two thanks to some, as I perceive them, intelligent individuals who understand how to make connections far beyond my capabilities.

The article The Value of an Ecosystem by JSDunham gives a remarkably easy to follow discussion on understanding of the actual value of an ecosystem when viewed mathematically in economics.  The reader, one such as myself, can go from some random value x to a more specific value that is measurable in each instance.  Keep in mind this is not a highly mathematical article, but conceptually leads to the appreciation of Ecosystem Services as a method to including more, and valuable, factors into the equation when making decisions related to financial endeavors.