Placebo Goods (There is nothing but profit in the basket)

Okay this is an exceptional thirty-four page download to read and review regarding export and derivatively global business strategy. Thanks to r/economics for this nugget of intellectual activity.

I found myself oscillating between ‘yep’ and ‘uggh’ trying to determine my ethical integrity when it comes to trade and trade law. Outcome: I’m not cut-throat from behind.

The article certainly paints a bleak picture for American greed based Capitalism cannibalizing itself thanks to being outwitted by the global community.

However should the consumer financially survive Рa more pure, not quite laissez faire, Capitalism can thrive and reintroduce consumers to actual goods and choice rather than what, after reading this, I would effectively call placebo goods.

Economist Profile: Arthur Laffer

A recent article about Arthur Laffer explores the libertarian economics view.  The article describes flaws of theory versus reality with regard to earnings and decisions by the wealthy.

Article: Saint of libertarian economics: Arthur Laffer

By Lion of the Blogosphere

In addition a link to a brief history of the Economist Arthur Laffer by The Laffer Center