Why aren’t more Pro-Life advocates Vegetarian?

Do you really need an explanation?

Not going to happen, but check this out please – this is my meal planning

I live on breakfast

😀 and for breakfast I have one of two meal options:

1st) Buttered Toast, Half a Fresh cut Tomato, and 2 oz of cut Cheddar

oh it is fabulous, delicious, and obviously not vegan but goodness it’s great

2nd) Traditional Cereal (Honey-nut Cheerios) with Almond Milk (so tasty, why have any other liquid on cereal…unless Pecans…well Pecans are for my dessert so never-mind)

Okay so that’s just awesome and the best and I really enjoy fresh tomato, I feel great every morning 🙂

Lunch is on the go for me

I’m busy but get some running nutrition through the mid-day here are my two options:

1st) Peanut Butter and Jelly Jam Sandwich

classic, standard, I use Ancient Grains or 12-Grain bread (it just tastes good to me) and I always go for natural Jam, try, try, try to avoid added sugar, fresh fruit is delicious and for a kick of sweet try honey-sweetened.

I’m not opposed to sugar but the fresher the jam the better! (to me anyhow)

2nd) one Apple, one Orange, one Bana Banana

I feel like this gives me the biggest boost during the day but only if I’ve had enough complex carbohydrates surrounding this lunch aka cereal before and pasta after.

Dinner Time – Yay!

I do snack frequently through the day but it consists mostly of those things previously mentioned so dinner is straight forward for me and relatively uncomplicated yet I like variety so here are a handful of options:

1st) 4-Cheese Lasagna of course!

My Patronus is a kitty, my internal workings are Garfield…

2nd) Fettuccine Alfredo … fresh parsley, fresh diced tomato, and fresh garlic of course

This is just the best and Cody showed me how to properly create such an awesome dish…still, it doesn’t compare to hers (*points to self: ‘not a culinary-science’)

3rd) Tacos, Burritos,  Enchiladas, or Taco Salad (all bean varietals)

Every week has taco Tuesday and the varieties are plenty for me:

  1. cilantro, black-bean, and rice
  2. re-fried bean, romaine, and tomato
  3. double-decker: re-fried cohesion, kidney bean center (taco seasoned), fresh shred cheddar
  4. three-bean heaven (taco seasoned black beans and kidney beans)

4th) Spoil yourself Brie and Baguette

Okay, so really this is just delicious and if you’re in the mood drop in grapes or more of that natural fruit jam to feast like, my image of, a perfectly hedonistic bourgeois meal

Dessert, just don’t get me started…

I’m a child so I try not to splurge on dessert for myself but I happily watch others, almost inappropriately, savor the tasty bites or spoonfuls

(I satisfy a craving with a spoonful of peanut-butter and a swig of chocolate syrup…I’m not joking about being a kid over dessert)

As is such I generally do avoid temptation in this area but be creative and enjoy yourself 🙂

I recommend practicing the art of homemade caramel!

Image result for chocolate peanut butter roundsImage result for homemade caramel

Send an ask to: White Wine and Cat Hair

she knows how to roll in the pastry arts 🙂

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