Ecologically Sustainable Growth

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) released findings from two-year project: the Australian National Outlook report. The report “integrated a model of the economy with no less than eight models of different aspects of the global and domestic natural environment in which the economy exists,” as reported by in his article Economic growth doesn’t need to cost the world. The article covers findings on the 18 scenarios with variables, that include global population and economic development in Australia, and impact on ecological concerns, such as greenhouse gas emissions and water stress.

Articles such as this drive me further to explore saturation points listed within the four categories of ecosystem services while researching for a properly guided economy. Reading Friedman has shown that even an economist devoted to Freedom and Capitalism, such as he was, saw the necessity of government regulation and monopoly as part of a larger gain to humanity than freedom or capitalism could provide. Currently I’m developing a project which follows Menger and Böhm von Bawerk in analysis in order to improve on current capitalism as the economics of globalism have changed the way U.S. economics operate. I have begun with a firm belief that there is a minimum standard of living and will likely end with ideas such as those provided from this article that there is a maximum with regard to ecological sustainability.

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