Comment by RickRussellTX on Reddit

To be honest, I have to wonder if we’re just entering a new, flatter economic domain which is tied most directly to the stabilization of national populations in the first world.

Japan got there first, and since the 80s has been looking at very little but stagnation. While they have their share of problems, they have ample resources to take care of their population and provide a reasonable level of employment. Automation can take up the slack caused by population shrinkage to a degree.

The bigger question is, “what do we do in a post-scarcity economy where most people’s work is in insufficient demand to command a high price that will pay their consumer needs?”

That’s the world we’re headed for; we either force *everybody* to work less (implicitly driving up the value of labor), or we artificially set the value of labor (minimum wage), or we give up on pricing labor and set a minimum income so that people can feed themselves.

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